Warren Williams
The Coalition For Blacks Best Interest is planning a Los Black Leadership Conference and NATIONAL BLACK LEADERSHIP CONVENTION FOR 2004. We need you input, its your event as much as it is ours. What should be the agenda? Where should they be held? Who should speak? What must be the priorities? What must be the goals? What must be the outcome? What must be the result? What must be the message, motto, purpose? What am I not asking? What will you commit to do, be, perform, promote, sponsor, donate, call, drive, bring, write, email, etc? Let us know! The proposed month is for LA Conference Sept. For National Convention, July (to bump 4th of July or possibly June 16th) What dates do you propose? Nat Turner? John Brown?
Malcolm X? Any of their birthdays or death day? Anyone else? You input is vital. Share discussion here for all to read. For more info or info, ideals, suggestions too comprehensive to share here Write PO Box 15494 LA, CA 90015-0494. Call 323-737-8455 or email UNITE43LUV@AOL.COM