Well, Burke and Mato are right now the only two running for LA County Supervisor in District 2. Jan 3, 2004, Sat. the day is set aside to consider who in the community Blacks should support for the position. the Schedule is a roundtable discussion at 9am, Conscious Booth at 11am, voting and discussions lasting all day, 4pm evening discussion, 6pm potential candidates share their platforms, 7pm community vote, and 7:30pm announcement of winner, providing count completed. Blacks are urged to attend and share their views. Anyone wanting to run for the seat as a write in candidate should be present if they want support. Supervisor Burke, Mato, Donna Warren and Pat have been notified as these are person who have stated interest or that they are running. I may also run, have announced I will. This is due to the fact that we need a person who will effectively represent Blacks Best Interest without compromise. This does not suggest I will not also represent other ethnic groups in our district. It means I will not compromise the Best Interest of Blacks by neglecting our needs to gain support or votes of others races. For me to run I need a cabinet of devoted people who will go in office with me. I want others to be there, from beginning to the end, and make sure, we do what we are to do in the righteous way. Are you down for this effective form of Leadership? Will you commit to being part or head of a committee to get the job done correctly?
Unity is the key and I intend to remain involved and support positive leadership like Don't expect one person can humanely do everything for all of us just because they mean well and step up to the plate to do their part. I am convinced we need a new Supervisor, I am not convinced the other candidates have what I do to do the job best in Blacks Best Interest. I need you to come on Jan 3, 2004, at 5730 Crenshaw, Home of the Harambaa Marketplace, and participate in the process, speak, inquire, share solutions, commit, volunteer, submit your platform, whatever is right in Blacks Best Interest. Thanks ahead of time. Peace. -Warren Williams, UNITE4LUV@AOL.COM.