Some time ago, provinces and cities have introduced the construction of the whole house on the management of the policy, in the home building materials industry set off a full renovation concept of the boom, the whole development of the future will be overwhelming, and the introduction of housing decoration around the policy,plastic beach chair for kid furniture market How will it deal with it?

It is reported that in 2015, the Shandong Provincial Government Office issued the "Shandong Province real estate industry transformation and upgrading of the implementation of the program", the program proposed, Shandong will study the development of local mandatory technical standards, 2017 district new high-rise residential buildings will be fully renovated. In addition, the General Office of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province issued the Opinions on Promoting the Development of Green Building and Construction Industrialization,outdoor dining table in london and proposed that "from October 1, the whole city or county center city to sell or transfer the new residential land, all the implementation of the whole Decoration and finished product delivery, to encourage the construction of residential active implementation of the whole decoration. "In fact, Beijing Construction Committee as early as May 1, 2015 on the protection of housing construction investment center new, the acquisition of affordable housing projects, the first full implementation of the whole decoration Finished product delivery.

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee also proposed that from January 1, 2017, the Shanghai outer ring of new commercial housing, public rental housing will be 100% full decoration. Residential decoration is the real estate industry to a certain stage of the inevitable trend of development,best place for outdoor furniture perth Shanghai issued "on the further strengthening of the city to build a new renovation of housing construction management notice", is following the Shandong Province, Zhejiang Province issued a full renovation of the views of the program, the whole The concept of decoration once again into the consumer field of vision. According to industry sources, I believe that similar policies and regulations will be more and more, our full decoration industry, it is usher in an unprecedented opportunity.

"Full decoration" delivery has become the real estate market trend. So for the furniture industry, the various types of enterprises, the prospects will be what? The overall advantage is to greatly reduce the consumer from the delivery to the time to stay, the disadvantage is to meet the individual needs of consumers,high top bar table cheap wholesale if the whole decoration The effect does not reach the consumer heart is expected, there will be reloading space practice, so after the full renovation of the home, home improvement market, although will be a certain degree of reduction, but for a better decoration technology and strong resource strength of the home business Is another time to snatch the market.


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