Mr. Living Truth
The Universal Church of Kwanzaa is looking for a home. The founder of Coalition for Blacks Best Interest and the Black Leadership Conference and National Black Leadership Convention have now started the Universal Church of Kwanzaa. The reason for starting the church is not to make Kwanzaa a religion, is't to have blacks apply the seven Kwanzaa principles of Unity, Self Determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity and Faith daily as a way of life. Kwanzaa as a Holiday must become a week of reporting our annual successes. The Universal Church of Kwanzaa is to teach the practical application of its 7 principles, stress Kwanzaa is not about any one person, time or organization. The Universal Church of Kwanzaa is a Righteous Ministries without walls. This means every family should have weekly or daily Kwanzaa services to relate the principles in all aspects of their living. The teaching of the African Language and Culture is also important, however, the Universal Church of Kwanzaa focus is on teaching how to live the principles, be united as a race and collectively succeed. write UNITE4LUV@AOL.COM for more information. or call 323-737-8455 to speak to the Pastor of the Universal Church of Kwanzaa. His sons, 13 and 9 years old are the first ministers of the Church, to share that its a family ministry. Every Father is urged to be the Pastor of their personal family service. Every mother is urged to be the first Mother of their Church of Kwanzaa. Since Kwanzaa is on the art of sound business every boss can also have a ministry at their place of business. In everything Blacks do they should apply the seven Kwanzaa Principles and ask if a thing is in the best interest of Blacks, not just themselves and not just for today, the future as well. Do you believe the Universal Church of Kwanzaa is in Blacks Best Interest? Will you make a Ministry of Kwanzaa in your home? Will you urge others to do so? Will you apply the 7 Kwanzaa Principles all year in your life, home, school, play, business?