Fige Bornu
I have no respect for nor will I support any institution that acts as administrative assistants to the KKK. RBD is one idea that will and has only made matters worst for Africans worldwide. Capitalism and imperialism ladies and gentlemen has only made life horrific, especially for Africans. RBD is not fooling me with its attempt to somehow bring home the bacon back to the Black community via the dollars Black people spend. Black people should not be sweating and working to become a part of "a burning house" as James Baldwin once said. Black people should be working overtime to be restored back to their original state. This assimilation to a European religion, name, culture and way of life does not work yall. Haven't you noticed? Of course, we have a disportionately few Black people who ride the tide while their white bosses monitor their behavior. But Black people should never think that liberation is about money, class and materialsim. But that is exactly what is and has been burned into our people's mind for too many generations. And guess what? The experience shows that trying to be like white ain't right.

And Washington Mutal? You might as well do a mixer at the Southern California Regional Offfices of the KKK. While you sell-outs are there maybe you can ask Washington Mutal for your reparations.


Fige Bornu, Chairman
Positive Black Image Institute

Yeah, you hit this one on the head Fige.
The real give away to the true motives of these organizations is that they usual start out as a 501c3 Non - Profit, that was filed for by the Director, President, Founder or what ever title they chose to go by. This position allows for a percentage of donated funds to be used for operating expenses, which usually includes Luxury cars, Tailored or Designer clothing, Limo rides, Real-estate purchases and other secret activities.

Now, with black folks sleeping on the streets, how many could be sheltered and clothed from the excess spending of these activist who walk around like rock stars?
I would like to see what kind of successful ventures come from all these......mixers.

Brothers and Sisters make sure you watch out for their new tactic to defend their covert activities. You will often be pressured when you question their motives by being asked," What do you do to help the situation (a favorite escape for one early talk show host we all know)?"

The answer should simply be "nothing"!  Explain that you are not an activist, nor are you asking for any donations for a cause. You see, they are the ones who are supposed to be doing something, and when you ask them what are they doing, you are within your rights, especially when you are being asked to do something for them.

RBD is just another organization that sounds good, and looks good, and that is all.



Brotha Magic,


You really hit on something when you mentioned their "covert activities".  I will never forget Nassardeen getting on Frontpage after Inglewood defeated WalMart and his unapologetic attitude about his support for the exploiter against his own people.  How in the world can a man claim his goal is to keep Black dollars recycling in the Black community and at the same time support a corporation that is known for undercutting community businesses and putting them out of business. 


But that isn't the covert part.  In his arrogancy, he had the audacity to talk angrily at the Black community for it votes.  Because he was angry something slipped.  He mentioned that, after the defeat, Sam Walton had met with Magic Johnson, Bernard Parks, and others at a long standing national Negro organization whose name escapes me right now (not sure but it might have been the Urban League).  You could tell by the way his voice tailed off that he didn't mean to let us know about the meeting.  Steve Cokely called in and lambasted Nasardeen because the only reason they had the meeting was to conspire as to how they could circumvent the peoples' vote.  


It opened my eyes.  I can imagine covert meeting like that go on all the times.









Points well communicated!!!!  I might add in addition to identifying these types of hustlers and especially the mockery on front page which is supposed to be a voice for the community , I would encourage all those who are serious about our growth to STOP SELLING HOMES/BUSINESSES - then it wouldn't be any place for those who cherish our assets to obtain but we've got so many who think acclimation into the broader society is living "just like them" and trying to run wherever they go, while in the mean time the very communities that were left are stunted and/or left to deteriorate. 


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