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Go to Now that there are more whites being harmed by CPS greater attendion and demand is being placed on the goverment for reform. The highest numbers of blacks effected are Blacks, and second are Hispanics. It is vital that Blacks step up to the issue and represent, defend and protect our children and families.
For years I have advocated alone. Now its time for us to do what is necessary. Attend and promote, car pool and bus Blacks to the March 13 Congressional Inquiry to end the abuse. On Feb. 24, 2004 we will be having a local picket inclusive of this vital issue at 500 Temple, Hall of Administration, 9:15pm-4pm. The key are numbers.. we must fill the board... many hispanics have committed to attend...
We need Blacks!!! Watch LA and Inglewood Public Access Channels Wednesday Feb 11, 2004, 10pm and hear parents respond to the death of another child. Molina admitted the system failed again... Burke alleged the case never been to court. I shared my evidence would prove the courts fail...
Its over due for Blacks to be the 'leaders' in a reform of CPS and DCFS. We are the leading victims... Peace.