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Various floor maintenance methods

1, solid wood flooring

First use the mop to remove the dust on the floor surface, and then in accordance with the cleaning agent ratio and the degree of dirt on the floor, in a bucket of water diluted amount,Купить дешевый водонепроницаемый пол and the mop soaked, from the room inside the door to the direction of mopping the ground. But should pay attention to, as far as possible to dry the mop to dry, to prevent excessive penetration of water into the wood floor layer, resulting in mold, rot. If you want to keep the wood floor shiny bright,кожуры и палки из тика и падуба can be considered on a layer of wood floor wax, but should pay attention to the floor after drying and then waxing, to avoid the wax can not be completely attached to the white spot.

2, strengthen the wood floor

The maintenance of the laminate flooring is much simpler than the solid wood flooring. When cleaning the floor, pay attention to keep the floor dry, do not use plenty of water to wash, pay attention to avoid local long-term flooding. Clean the stain when the use of neutral detergent treatment,дешевый настил для пола и канавки to avoid direct sunlight, rain, moisture and so on. In addition, pay attention to indoor ventilation, keep the indoor temperature is also conducive to extend the life of the floor. Strengthen the floor does not require paint and waxing, and solid wood flooring is different, should not use sandpaper polished.

3, solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring maintenance is simpler than solid wood flooring. Keep the floor dry, clean, do not drip the mop to the floor, do not use alkaline water, soapy water can effectively protect the floor. If the home air dry, mop can be wet or put a pot of water on the heating, humidifier can also be used to humidify. Try to avoid sun exposure,красивая деревянная сотовая панель so as to avoid long-term surface paint in the ultraviolet radiation in advance of aging, cracking. Local board accidentally contaminated stains should be promptly removed. If there is oil, you can use a rag dipped in warm water, a small amount of detergent scrub. If the drug or pigment, must be in the end of the stain before the wood surface to be removed.

4, plastic floor

Plastic floor water, cleaning agents, water and glue easy to chemical reaction, resulting in the surface of the surface degumming or tilt phenomenon, it is not appropriate to have a lot of water,типы композитных панелей especially hot water towed. There is stained with ink, soup, oil and other stains, the general can be wiped with a thin soapy water, such as rubbing is not clean, can also be a small amount of gasoline gently wipe until the stains to eliminate.

Home flooring should be carefully maintained

If the surface of the floor accidentally stained, it should be promptly removed. Grease can be wiped with warm water and a small amount of detergent scrub,Meilleur Sol En Plastique Composite En Bois and other corrosive things spread to the floor, you must be in the first time to be removed, so as not to stain into the wood inner damage to the floor. If the wood floor surface mildew, you can use the nature of soft bleach diluted to 1: 3 ratio after wiping, and then wipe clean with a rag.

Wax and shop moisture film more professional wood floor maintenance,seuil de porte pour planchers de bois franc in addition to daily simple care work, there are two more professional methods. One is on the wooden floor regularly waxing, generally six months or a year to do once. Waxing on the floor can play a light,Lesco nouveaux panneaux de bois moisture, pest control, can make the wood floor to avoid moisture during the rainy season, so as to achieve the purpose of extending its life.

For solid wood flooring, solid wax should be selected to prevent moisture ingress and to resist dust. At the same time can also be considered in the surface coated with a layer of transparent varnish. For the composite floor, the use of liquid wax can be, but not the liquid wax directly on the floor,coût moyen d'une clôture en vinyle otherwise it will produce ring stains. While the floor is not required to enhance the floor waxing.

Composite floor installation process

1. Clean up the construction site, the garbage on the ground clean, including every corner, the ground sweep is not clean, after the floor under the "rustling" feeling. And then ground leveling, the level of error can not exceed 2mm, if you want to find a way to leveling. If the ground is not flat,High Quality Wood Plastic Composite Flooring the floor after the foot of course, then it is not good. And then is the edge, corner and other ground protrusion or uneven local trim over.

2. After cleaning the floor, is to cover the moisture layer, so you can prevent the floor after the damp. Moisture layer to be paved, seams to close together. The following work is the official start to install the floor, because the floor is to be staggered to install,laminated pvc panel for ceiling and wall first of all to pre-shop, part of the floor will be divided into two, according to the size of the saw, if the saw more, floor wear on the big.

3. In the saw before the floor can be opened all the bags, pick out the problem or flawed floor to saw, so that the local problematic flooring can be fully utilized, do not produce excessive loss. Do not come up to take a good floor to saw, it will increase the loss. Saw the floor of the site must be selected in the balcony and so have a good place to take care of tiles, or splash of wood ash will be pervasive into any place,caml wpc outdoor flooring floor decking it is difficult to clean.

4. Because the floor has a certain rate of expansion, so before the pavement in contact with the wall of the site reserved for expansion joints, so as not to drum from the floor. The size of the expansion joint is generally related to the expansion coefficient of the floor. Adhesive floor of the glue to strengthen the floor with the special,laminated pvc wall panel in wood designs the plastic pollution is relatively small. Do not casually in the market election non-floor special glue, it will be in the floor itself on the pollution and then increase the source of pollution. Before the shop we see if the glue is right.

What if the floor is accidentally smeared with chewing gum
There's a trick to it. We're going to "ice compress" to the floor! We first put a plastic bag on top of the gum and let the gum freeze. Press one by hand, and if the gum is completely hardened Environmentally Healthy Outdoor Flooring , you can use a toothbrush or brush like this to remove the gum! The last step is to clean the brush thoroughly.
Oil stains, paint, ink and other special stains can be used for oil cleaning; Blood, fruit juice, red wine, beer and other residual stains with wet cloth or with a cloth dipped in the right amount of floor cleaner to wipe;
Wax and gum, put ice cubes on top for a while, freeze and shrink, then gently scrape, then wipe with a damp cloth or a proper flooring detergent. Do not use strong acid base liquid to clear compound wood floor.
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Wood floor insects how to do?

Wood floor after the insects, no matter what kind of method, as soon as possible to solve these insects, to maintain family peace and comfort. If the wood flooring has been found in the phenomenon of worm damage, seize the time and timely treatment is the most direct and effective way. Some consumers use their own insecticide for insecticide,Plastic Wood Compostie Deck if the method or the agent is not right, not only can not achieve the purpose of de-worming, there may be the best time to delay the removal of insects, it is recommended that you try not to use this approach.

There are consumers that wood flooring is a small area of ​​insect erosion, can be used to inject kerosene injection syringe solution,certificated anti-uv waterproof composite decking but this method will have the residual smell of kerosene, and only a small area to use. Some people even think that the wooden floor pavement before the ground sprinkle a layer of charcoal, charcoal or pepper and other things can effectively prevent the insects, experts believe that this approach is not desirable.

Charcoal, charcoal, although in the short term can absorb moisture, but does not digest the moisture, often again released,most beautiful railings the same can not reach the purpose of moisture. And the practice of pepper is also undesirable, usually dry pepper can be insect repellent, but many examples show that pepper is often caused by wet insects and then caused the wood floor insects.

The production of insects need to have a certain humidity and temperature, so if the wood floor insects, the vast majority of the reasons for the dampness of the disaster, so the key is pest control moisture. Consumers in a timely manner to the professional wood flooring vendors where to find a solution,evergreen envision decking reviews formal wood flooring business will have a professional staff door insects. Pest control method is to install the wood floor to the ground to do more than a layer of moisture treatment, or brush a layer of moisture-proof paint.

Solid wood flooring paint maintenance method

Maintenance of the wood floor, first of all must maintain the surface of the film, can not hurt its "appearance", however, because the wood surface of the paint different,fake brick wall panels for outdoor so maintenance methods are different.

Nitro wood varnish floor: the film is polished and polished, water resistance is poor, it should not be wiped with a damp cloth or water,Cover for Deck Boat so as not to lose luster and from the shell. Specific methods: every six months or months, rub with polish wax, and then wipe with a pure cotton yarn can be. Usually in the course of the use of a soft towel or cotton yarn to erase the dust on the paint can be. As the nitro wood varnish heat resistance corrosion resistance is also poor, should also pay attention to anti-exposure, anti-smoke.

Paint and lacquer floor: these two kinds of paint are more advanced paint, and has good water resistance, high temperature performance,finishing off floor in front of patio door? and natural characteristics, and by the characteristics of shallow and shallow, after finishing can gradually restore the original background, During the use of low temperature can not be used to wipe the water often.

Polyurethane paint floor: the coated film has a strong resistance to high temperature, corrosion resistance and acid resistance and other characteristics,WPC Composite Decking Stairs the maintenance method and nitro wood varnish floor is basically similar, but should not be wiped with water to avoid wiping Surface lipids, while reducing the surface gloss.

Flooring business from the details of the cost control

From last year so far, floor enterprises, especially solid wood flooring manufacturers in the raw material costs a rise and then up, which also to the profit of the meager floor business caused no small pressure. In the fierce competition in the market,cheap vinyl fencing panels for pools through the sale of price increases to pass the cost of the practice of pressure has become less feasible, so under pressure, the floor business must be from the details of the start, scientific and reasonable to the cost of control.

Cost control is about business strategy. There is no such knowledge is a distinction between a floor business cost sense of the strength of the touchstone. But also the cost control can achieve the key to success. In the management of the floor business there are many upside down the phenomenon,above ground pool deck material options one of the most prominent to the number of cost control. A lot of floor business in the non-production expenditure and other issues on the strict control, strictly to the point where no more complex. Blindly from the staff reimbursement, workers wages and other aspects of control is clearly not conducive to long-term development of enterprises.

Cost control will undoubtedly pay attention to detail. What is the concern that should be overlooked? What is the problem? Otherwise there will be "picking sesame seeds, lost watermelon" phenomenon. Cost control to pay attention to the insignificant little things,outdoor interlocking deck tiles and planks but also focus on the development of business events! This is not contradictory. Of course, is not easy.

Cost control requires full participation, participation in the stare at the details, pegged trivial little things. Do not waste a piece of paper, do not waste a drop of oil,how to build a fence from wood pallets readily turn off the lights, electricity, water switch, at any time to remind the use of old things can be used at any time to reduce the expenditure to increase the return of the proposal ... ... everyone put an end to waste, Of the proceeds.

Wood flooring in the decoration not only can be laid to the ground

Case 1: in such a restaurant, so elegant wood flooring, so a little bit of the patchwork on the wall, so that the room has a more wooden mechanism,eco green outdoor decking pricing more natural charm, so that the wall looks more durable, the entire space But also very elegant, so the wall stickers wood floor effect is also very good, naturally fresh feeling you like.

Case 2: the use of the ceiling part of the wooden floor, more decorative effect, will not give people the feeling of sudden,pvc wooden fence long life type but also give a totally natural effect, the floor of the use of a large area of ​​laminate flooring, so that space is more perfect, with The white walls are perfect.

Case 3: If the room is very light, as long as with the warm wood-colored wooden floor on it, more perfect show warmth, refreshing light-colored composite wood flooring large area of ​​stitching,pvc decking square metre show warm cabins, it is very decent.

Case four: rice white marble tiles, so that the space is even more bright a lot, the white marble marble more visual impact, the use of wood flooring in the wall,wateroofing tongue and broove chipboard and then a mild decoration soft decoration, the entire space temperature burst, wood flooring Texture clear, comfortable and pleasant.

Case 5: dark walnut to strengthen the composite floor, from the ground has been laid to the wall, better to maintain the inhibition, more perfect to create a space atmosphere, with bedroom space,composite deck building step by step so that visual impact better. The theme backdrop can also be added with wood flooring, which is more diverse.

E0 floor floor installation precautions
Everyone's life will experience a new home decoration, decoration is a systematic project, all aspects of the need for detailed planning arrangements PVC FENCE SALE . Flooring is an indispensable material in home decoration, with the popularity of green health home concept, in the floor decoration, more consumption favored in the E0 floor. However, in the specific use, E0-class floor problems, many consumers blame the floor quality is too bad. In fact, the floor problems are caused by a wide range of reasons.
E0 floor floor than other types of flooring more environmentally friendly, not only from the use of its materials, but also because the floor surface paint film process. E0 floor when the installation of the time to be careful, remember not scratch the floor surface, so as not to cause the floor environmental protection, affecting daily use.
In addition, E0 floor safety also need to be assembled when the time can not be too loose or too tight. The floor with the indoor environment changes will be weak changes. Too easy to cause the floor from the Alice and deformation, too loose easily caused the floor gap is too large.
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Plastic flooring is popular with people

Traditional wood flooring is difficult to take care of, costly, more corrosive and moldy. The plastic floor, regardless of performance, cost, manufacturing process is far better than wood flooring,non skid beach areas hollow deck plastic flooring will lead the flooring industry to a new era.

Traditional wood flooring is made of trees, so the manufacture of wood flooring will harvest a large number of trees, not only undermine the environment, more environmentally friendly ideas. Wood flooring should be careful care, careful, in order to maintain the perception and performance; because the wood flooring vulnerable to moisture,deck waterproofing and storage termites, water and so on to deformation of the ground, and even corrosion.

The maintenance of environmentally friendly plastic floor is much simpler, some special dirt can be used with a soft detergent or warm water immediately cleaned, never use a lot of water to clean the floor. Pvc floor because there is no need to glue glue, do not need to increase the same as wood flooring anti-corrosion,wood composite retaining walls mothy chemical drugs, so formaldehyde content is zero, and also has a non-toxic products, no radiation, water, wear, Retardant, waterproof moisture, antibacterial and other characteristics, by the people like.

Cost, the plastic floor is cheaper than the wood floor,wood plastic composite handrails and fence the production cost is lower, resulting in the price is relatively lower than the wood floor. The price is more towards civilians. And the style and more. More imitation wood floor, both good performance, without losing the perception, by many family hobbies. So the production of plastic flooring, environmental protection industry for a component.

The paving plan of the floor

Step 1: grass-roots cleaning: the base level shall be flat, dry and clean. If floor or bungalow is laid, it must be waterproof. The floor must be cleaned before the floor is laid. Step2: laying plastic film Outdoor Floor Exporters Online mat: the pad layer can use the foam pad or thickness of the plastic film with a thickness of 3mm to the base of 10 to 12mm, and the docking and sealing of the interface. Also can use the thickness of 9-18mm high quality layer plywood. Each glued laminated analysis should be uniform cut small pieces, area should be less than 0.7 square meters, had better use paint anticorrosion, fixed on the ground, all round nail must be strong, to be kept between plates 3-6 mm gap, sealed with adhesive tape.

Step3: floor: the shop floor and room usually walk in the same direction, the direction of the line by line from left to right or from right to left in the shop installs a groove to the wall, floor and wall into a wedge between expansion joints. First take a floor, 30 ~ 45 degree Angle with the ground, the tenon mortise close to a piece on the floor, after floor against put down gently, with a claw hammer and small wood floor along the edges, and make the floor joining together tightly, if floor still appear after beating cock, can knock on the edge of the floor surface near the place. Note: in dry area, the floor is wet, the expansion joints should be small, and the expansion joints in the wet areas should be kept large. The final row of floors is cut and assembled by measuring the width of the floor, which is tightly packed with hooks or spirals. Bridge installation: in the room, hall, and the interface between the interface, the floor must be isolated and treated, the seam should be done, and the connecting rod and metal bridge will be used.

Step 4: install the baseboard: the baseboard should be installed, and the thickness of the baseboard should be greater than 1.2cm. When installation, floor expansion gap between 5-12mm, apply polyphenylene plate or elastomer to fill in air, in case the floor loosens. Install the skirting board and be sure to cover the stretch.

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The floor lay line choice

The ground color wants to foil the color of the furniture Outdoor Floor Exporters Online , and the ground decorates to belong to the permanent decoration, in the general case, does not change often, should consider multifaceted factor when choosing. Among them, the neutral color has always been the mainstream color, but if collocation is proper, brunet, light color can achieve ideal result. In general, the following aspects should be noted.

The daylighting condition of the bedroom limits the choice of floor color. The room that daylighting is good can choose scope and big, deep shallow all can. And the floor is lower, the room that daylighting is not full should pay attention to choose brightness is taller, the ground material that color is appropriate, avoid using the material with darker color as far as possible.

Color can affect the visual effect of the person, warm color is expanded color, cool color is contractive color. So, the room ground of small area should choose dark tonal cool color, or concise and lively floor, make the person produces the feeling that area expands. If choose the warm color floor with thick colour can make space appears more narrow, increase depressive feeling. In addition, in the choice of flower color, should tend to small grain or straight grain effect, avoid big and disorderly pattern.

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