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"Ice compress" floors remove gum

What if the floor is accidentally smeared with chewing gum? There's a trick to it. We're going to "ice compress" to the floor! We first put a plastic bag on top of the gum and let the gum freeze High Quality Wood Plastic Composite Decking Sellers . Press one by hand, and if the gum is completely hardened, you can use a toothbrush or brush like this to remove the gum! The last step is to clean the brush thoroughly.

Oil stains, paint, ink and other special stains can be used for oil cleaning; Blood, fruit juice, red wine, beer and other residual stains with wet cloth or with a cloth dipped in the right amount of floor cleaner to wipe; Wax and gum, put ice cubes on top for a while, freeze and shrink, then gently scrape, then wipe with a damp cloth or a proper flooring detergent. Do not use strong acid base liquid to clear compound wood floor.

Of course, in order to maintain the beauty of compound floor, and lengthen its usable life of lacquer surface, in this place recommend everybody should be on the floor to undertake candle maintenance regularly every year.

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Wood floor maintenance is actually very simple

Daily cleaning of the wooden floor can be wiped with a cotton swab wrung. If you encounter blood stains,Outdoor Composite Wall Panel Wholesale fruit juice, red wine and other stains, you can use a cloth dipped in the right amount of floor cleaner to wipe; if it is wax and chewing gum, you can use the ice on the top for a while, make it shrink, and then gently scraping Start with a damp cloth moistened with an appropriate amount of floor cleaner.

However, the need to remind consumers that attention should be paid to use a neutral cleaning solvent wipe, can not use acid, alkaline solvents or gasoline and other organic solvent scrub,wpc laminate flooring and usually well-maintained, waxing and maintenance can be done once a year, no need frequent Waxed.

Now buy the floor at every turn to pick the color, like buying clothes at every turn to pick the color or style. In fact, choose the essence of the floor is not pick the color,picture frame fence plans we must see whether it is practical. In fact, some of the characteristics of the floor, including color, scarring, wet swelling encountered encountered dry shrinkage and other issues, seems to be shortcomings, but from a scientific point of view, it is precisely the advantages of solid wood flooring. The reason is very simple, such as solid wood flooring, wet it on a wet air,where to buy 8x8 composite lumber a wet expansion, dry winter room, the floor can be completely released moisture to humidify the air.

Laminate flooring just surfaced, the thickness of only 6 mm. In the following years, the 8mm floor has always dominated the market. In recent years, flooring thickness has been increasing, and now 12 mm floor into the mainstream, the market has emerged 13 mm, 15 mm thick floor. This trend has led many consumers to the illusion that the thicker the floor the more weight, the stronger, the more durable and the better quality. In fact, the thickness has nothing to do, the surface can not be worn once worn. Therefore, the quality of the floor finish,salt resistance pvc panels with groove largely related to the service life of wood flooring, rather than the thickness of the board. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of laminate flooring, depends on the manufacturer's timber and how the level of technology.

Daily cleaning and maintenance of wood flooring

△ clean attention to water consumption

Daily cleaning and maintenance of the wooden floor is also a necessary process in home care. The common stains on the floor can be treated with a soft dry cloth. If there is a stain that must be cleaned with water,Plastic Wood Deck Wholesaler it is best to use a wiping cloth that does not drip and drip, Ventilation should be carried out as soon as possible after cleaning to ensure that the floor is dry and avoid long-term immersion of the floor in damp environment.

△ attendance waxing treatment

The most important thing is to maintain the wood floor waxing treatment,what is the best composite decking on the market the home floor usually require regular waxing work, waxing not only to maintain the ground light, but also can effectively block water, dust and air, to prevent moisture intrusion,composite wood shower decking lumber effective Extend the service life of the wooden floor.

Solid wood floor maintenance methods

1, Usually you can use vacuum cleaner or broom to clean the surface of solid wood flooring dust, and then soaked wet wringing cloth or mop to wipe solid wood flooring surface. After mopping the best open windows and doors,High Quality Plastic Wood Composite Deck let the air flow, as soon as possible solid wood flooring dry, solid wood flooring to keep dry and clean.

2, walk in solid wood flooring, should try to wear cloth slippers, the best barefoot. To the furniture, "feet" are affixed to the soft end of the protective pad to prevent the furniture, "foot" hardwood wood floor scratch layer, do not let heavy objects smashed wear layer. Do not use sandpaper,outdoor metropolitan wood plastic composite hollow post sander, steel brushes, strong detergents or metal tools to clean the solid wood floor. If the cats at home, to find ways to solve the destruction of cat's claws.

3, solid wood flooring pavement should be admitted within two weeks, for a long time do not live or often do not live in the room should be placed in the room and several pots of water or humidifier to maintain humidity; rainy season should be strengthened ventilation. But also to avoid the strong and lasting sun exposure or rain soak solid wood flooring; to prevent the balcony,wood plastic composite standard sizes bathroom, kitchen, etc. overflow the water, go out and remember to check all water facilities, try to avoid solid wood flooring contact with water; avoid hot and cold air appliances Straight blow and bake solid wood flooring; to avoid long time to open the door, open the door and cause outside wind blowing solid wood flooring.

4, from time to time on the solid wood floor waxing care, and floor wax drying, do not walk on the floor. Drying usually takes 20 minutes to 1 hour. If leaky,polymer wood fence panels installation in mauritius to be coated. Such as the use of two waxing method, the second smear, to be carried out after the first complete drying. Once every 6 months to play a wax, you can keep the floor beautiful long-term.

Real wood floor compares to aggrandizement floor

Real wood floor with its real grain, beautiful nature, warm summer cool, feet feeling good and environmental protection and so on have been favored by consumers. And Best Floor Build is compared to aggrandizement floor is also more expensive, so also became a mark that shows decorates class.

The real wood floor is more delicate and more delicate than the compound floor, the stability is poorer, therefore, in the use, should avoid hard object's knock, do not prevent too hot thing on the floor. Moreover, every period of time needs to be waxed and maintained. Try to avoid the floor with a lot of water, in case it expands and deforms because of soaking.

Aggrandizement wood floor has sweet and natural adornment effect not only, and the surface wear resistance, moisture resistance, flame retardancy, impact resistance and so on all is better than real wood floor, therefore the modern home decoration.

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Strengthen the floor maintenance

After laying the floor, always keep the indoor air circulation. Overweight items should be placed in a stable condition. Furniture and heavy objects can not be pushed and pulled by hard-line to avoid scratching the surface of the wear-resistant layer.Outdoor Composite Wall Panel Wholesale

Can not use shaving tools, planted wood flooring surface. Do not use water immersion in the use of wooden floor, if there is an accident,source high quality cheap wpc decking should promptly use dry mop to dry the wooden floor. Maintain the wooden floor dry and clean, wooden floor surface if dirt, iron step railings outdoor diygenerally do not drip wet mop to dry.

Prevent the wooden floor from being deformed by cooking utensils. A rubbing pad should be placed in front of the door to reduce the abrasion of the floor to the floor. Remove stains and stains with a floor cleaner and do not clean with damaged objects such as metal tools,cost effective low maintenance wpc decking nylon friction pads, and bleached stains.

Proper maintenance of solid wood flooring

Fourth to anti-fouling, if it is the general dirt left behind by water-soluble substances, can be wiped off the dust, and then dipped in thick soft rags thick tea,Outdoor Composite Wall Panel Wholesale Amoy water or orange peel soaked in orange peel water. If it is sputum, chewing gum, paint and other hard-to-remove dirt, do not rush to rub with gasoline,pvc ceiling south africa prices you must carefully distinguish the nature of the dirt and then decided to take a different approach and different cleaning agents to clean up.

For those who did not understand the chemical properties of detergents, it can not be used at will,moisture shield best decking board in order to avoid chemical reaction with the paint and cause damage to the floor. Do not scratch the shovel with hard tools or knives that can easily damage the paint film. Experts and teachers should be consulted to decide the solution.

Different manufacturing processes vary from floor to floor, with natural lacquered wood flooring and oil wax flooring, which determines the conservation methods are not exactly the same as the different levels of defacement also determine the conservation practices vary. Whether it is natural lacquered wood or oil wax wood flooring,plastic cedar wood fences in the daily cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean, and then use a soft cloth dipped in a special detergent or soap thinner to clean.

Wood flooring essential oil brand

Now the production and operation of the brand of wood flooring a lot of brands, more well-known wife of the wife, polyester wife's current market share is still very high,Купить дешевый водонепроницаемый пол then the United States Howard Howard, it has an alias, called wood vitamins, with 70 years The sales history. There are some brands that are green homes, to Chen, the United States and Canada net,стоимость снятия половины стены и замена перилами Bi Lizhu and so on. These flooring essential oils are recognized by consumers to accept the better products.

That for the choice of wood flooring essential oil, not just to see the brand and quality, and we should also focus on is suitable for not suitable for wood flooring material,патио деревянные доски в jeju do korea different materials used in the wood flooring is also differentiated, But why the trouble-free manufacturers to produce and now on the market sales of wood flooring essential oils for the type of floor material more. General wood flooring essential oils can be adapted to the types of wood flooring: peach, red bean, ivory, bamboo flooring and so on.

In fact, the wood is also a life thing,древесная пластиковая пергола дубай so we have to remember in life to carry out the necessary conservation, a good essential oil can also make the wood floor glow, it can repair the floor of the slight abrasions, can make the wood floor surface gloss Such as new, can make the wood floor from the tide deformation, but also can extend the service life.

Wood floor maintenance knowledge summary

Reinforced wood flooring is much simpler than solid wood flooring. When cleaning the floor, pay attention to keep the floor dry, do not use plenty of water to wash,High Quality Plastic Wood Composite Deck pay attention to avoid local long-term flooding. Clean the stain when the use of neutral detergent treatment, to avoid direct sunlight, rain, moisture and so on.

In addition, pay attention to indoor ventilation, keep the indoor temperature is also conducive to extend the life of the floor. Strengthen the floor does not require paint and waxing,above ground pool deck in scotland and solid wood flooring is different, should not use sandpaper polished. Solid wood flooring installation and use of improper, will make qualified products also appear quality problems. Solid wood flooring in the maintenance, pay attention to the ground dry and clean. In the laying of solid wood flooring, if not do moisture treatment,deck and porch designs the bathroom and the room floor is not isolated, will affect the life of the floor.

And was wet with water or with alkaline water, soapy water scrub, will damage the paint brightness. Summer did not pay attention to pull the curtains, so that the bed after the sun exposure will appear after the color cracking. Air conditioning temperature is too low,dimensions on a 4x8 vinyl fence so that day and night temperature changes are too large, causing the floor expansion or contraction is too intense, resulting in deformation of the floor, cracking and so on. Flooring in the use of the process, if found in the individual floor from the shell or fall off, should be promptly picked up the floor,do it yourself slat bench shovel to the old plastic and gray, coated with new plastic compaction. Cooking wax once a month is also the best maintenance method, but before wiping the water vapor and stains wipe clean.

Wood floor maintenance you need to understand those things

1, after the floor pavement should be admitted within two weeks. For a long time to live or not often live in the room, should be put in the room a few pots of water and keep the water, or the use of humidifier to make up for the indoor heating and evaporation of water; southern rainy season should be strengthened ventilation; indoor environment not too Dry,High Quality Plastic Wood Composite Deck do not be too wet, to prevent the wood floor of the dry, shrink or expansion deformation.

2, keep the floor dry and clean, wipe the floor with a wring dry soft towel, dry areas in the north, dry season can be wiped with a damp cloth in the south of the wet places,rand plastics prices kids tables chairs should not use wet mop to wipe the floor or direct water cleaning.

3, in order to maintain the appearance of solid wood flooring and extend the life of the paint business, every two months to play a wax, waxing before the stains clean,platic or polymer deck boards and then evenly coated on the surface layer of floor wax, Wipe until smooth and bright.

4, to prevent strong long-lasting sun exposure to the floor, so as not to paint long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation, early aging, cracking. Avoid the use of household appliances hot and cold wind blowing and baking the floor. To prevent the rain soak the floor,waterproof boat plywood deck to prevent the balcony, bathroom, kitchen, etc. overflow, travel or shut out when you shut the faucet; in particular, can not be connected with the hot water to prevent heavy metal sharp, glass tiles, spikes and other hard objects scratches Floor; mobile furniture should not be directly on the floor sliding, should be lifted and move light. Often moving furniture can be attached to the bottom of a layer of rubber.

Various floor maintenance methods

1, solid wood flooring

First use the mop to remove the dust on the floor surface, and then in accordance with the cleaning agent ratio and the degree of dirt on the floor, in a bucket of water diluted amount,Купить дешевый водонепроницаемый пол and the mop soaked, from the room inside the door to the direction of mopping the ground. But should pay attention to, as far as possible to dry the mop to dry, to prevent excessive penetration of water into the wood floor layer, resulting in mold, rot. If you want to keep the wood floor shiny bright,кожуры и палки из тика и падуба can be considered on a layer of wood floor wax, but should pay attention to the floor after drying and then waxing, to avoid the wax can not be completely attached to the white spot.

2, strengthen the wood floor

The maintenance of the laminate flooring is much simpler than the solid wood flooring. When cleaning the floor, pay attention to keep the floor dry, do not use plenty of water to wash, pay attention to avoid local long-term flooding. Clean the stain when the use of neutral detergent treatment,дешевый настил для пола и канавки to avoid direct sunlight, rain, moisture and so on. In addition, pay attention to indoor ventilation, keep the indoor temperature is also conducive to extend the life of the floor. Strengthen the floor does not require paint and waxing, and solid wood flooring is different, should not use sandpaper polished.

3, solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring maintenance is simpler than solid wood flooring. Keep the floor dry, clean, do not drip the mop to the floor, do not use alkaline water, soapy water can effectively protect the floor. If the home air dry, mop can be wet or put a pot of water on the heating, humidifier can also be used to humidify. Try to avoid sun exposure,красивая деревянная сотовая панель so as to avoid long-term surface paint in the ultraviolet radiation in advance of aging, cracking. Local board accidentally contaminated stains should be promptly removed. If there is oil, you can use a rag dipped in warm water, a small amount of detergent scrub. If the drug or pigment, must be in the end of the stain before the wood surface to be removed.

4, plastic floor

Plastic floor water, cleaning agents, water and glue easy to chemical reaction, resulting in the surface of the surface degumming or tilt phenomenon, it is not appropriate to have a lot of water,типы композитных панелей especially hot water towed. There is stained with ink, soup, oil and other stains, the general can be wiped with a thin soapy water, such as rubbing is not clean, can also be a small amount of gasoline gently wipe until the stains to eliminate.

Home flooring should be carefully maintained

If the surface of the floor accidentally stained, it should be promptly removed. Grease can be wiped with warm water and a small amount of detergent scrub,Meilleur Sol En Plastique Composite En Bois and other corrosive things spread to the floor, you must be in the first time to be removed, so as not to stain into the wood inner damage to the floor. If the wood floor surface mildew, you can use the nature of soft bleach diluted to 1: 3 ratio after wiping, and then wipe clean with a rag.

Wax and shop moisture film more professional wood floor maintenance,seuil de porte pour planchers de bois franc in addition to daily simple care work, there are two more professional methods. One is on the wooden floor regularly waxing, generally six months or a year to do once. Waxing on the floor can play a light,Lesco nouveaux panneaux de bois moisture, pest control, can make the wood floor to avoid moisture during the rainy season, so as to achieve the purpose of extending its life.

For solid wood flooring, solid wax should be selected to prevent moisture ingress and to resist dust. At the same time can also be considered in the surface coated with a layer of transparent varnish. For the composite floor, the use of liquid wax can be, but not the liquid wax directly on the floor,coût moyen d'une clôture en vinyle otherwise it will produce ring stains. While the floor is not required to enhance the floor waxing.

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