Lost in Carson
Can someone please explain what is going on over at the Frontpage on KJLH? I read the posts from a few months back and they gave me some much needed information on the new co-host, Dominique DiPrima, on the program.

I have only been in LA for 5 years and the Frontpage has become such a vital part of my morning routine. I just love Carl and Greg. I feel that some of the guests and callers have been treated with acute condescension and disregard for their thoughts and opinions. The change in tone is quite a shock and disappointing. If I wanted to be told what to think, I can tune in to "mainstream media" and digest the garbage they want you to accept as truth and reality.

I could go on, but I am quite saddened with the changes that have taken place with the Frontpage. I was even more shocked when I went to the website for Frontpage and Greg's photo was no longer there. I know I have been listening sporadically over the last few months since Ms DiPrima came on the show, but if anyone can shed some light on what is going on, it would be greatly appreciated.

Peace to all


I can agree that there have been some changes with the tone of the show, but I don't believe it's too different. Greg is still a contributor to the show, as a producer, but I think he needs to co-host. I can take or leave Dominique.


As for how some of the callers are treated, I would prefer that their ideas get challenged more as opposed to being condescending. While I believe some of the callers are stone morons, they shouldn't be patronized.


I am glad to see I did not have to start this post.  This morning, I could have got sick with Dominique.  It seems like she is doing The Dominique D... Show.  She is not Oprah and I have no idea how she has lost that this is The Front Page "Radio Free" which she uses often.


I wrote Front Page a letter some time ago.  Dominique did write me back stating that she would work on her aggression.  Well, that's impossible. Her personality on The Beat was awful and its awful here on The Front Page.  While I do enjoy some of challenges with various hosts, I think she TALKS too much.  She seems to think her views are important to us.  I do understand why Friday's speak out is no longer happening, even more reason why Dominique needs to shup up.  She wastes so much time talking about herself and her views.  This just makes me sick.


This morning, the show topic was to focus on the propositions.  What a waste!  I got nothing from this morning's discussion.  Dominique talked so much about her family and her views, I had to wonder what was going on here.  It's too bad Mr. Passive Carlson with no back bone for much just let this go.  I think it time it all will speak for itself.  Dominique is no longer on The Beat for a reason.


One think I must add, Black people are always allowing others to share our space.  We literally have nothing.  Here this is KJLH is Black owned but we have woman who is Black/Italian hosting The Front Page.  Funny how brothas are always talking Black this and Black there.  Well bring on a Sistah to host this show.  Dominique is beautiful in her own right.  She is doing much and I applaude her for this. She cannot bring the spiritual vibe I need to get my morning started.  I need a Sistah or a Brotha to touch my soul.  When I on my way to deal with White people, can I please get my day started without someone who truly cannot represent me because she will never have to walk in my shoes.


The Front Page - needs prayer and some soul.  I do think Carl needed a break.  His passive personality was not good for me.

Mr. Unite Us

You wrote,

"She seems to think her views are important to us."




But that's the nature of most talk radio shows. They are personality driven.

I can't understand the ditto heads that listen to Rush Limbaugh for hours every day.


What was exceptional about Frontpage is that it was an audience driven show. The Audience made the show. I am forever grateful for the business and personal relationships I have established as a result of the Frontpage.


At the minimum I would like to see Open line Friday and Carl Nelson brought back. Also I want to hear more from the scholars who have done a great job educationing us about our history and culture.  


I do commed Dominique for giving the various propositions ample time, including yours truly regarding Propostion 73.


I commend you for taking the time to write KJLH and express your feeelings.




Yes, Friday opening calls should be brought back.  If not Carl Nelson, then someone else should be hosting along with Dominique.  I need the soul, power of a Black voice.  I deal with enough White people in my life.  I attend Sistah retreats so that I can just have that 1 or 2 weekends a year away from this White world and the craziness that involves working with them.


I am still waiting for Dominique to get it... this is not your show.  It was just confirmed by a friend who knows Dominique.... she has always "taken over" where opportunity arose.  It's in a lot of us to be leaders and in some cases controlling.


While I don't have a problem with Dominique being a mulatto, I don't believe she is intelligent enough to carry off the style she's choosing to employ in hosting this show. She still comes off as not being opinionated while not being well read and lacking of a mind trained enough to engage in critical thinking.


Feelings of her taking of the show seems well founded, but this is te same problem she had when hosting Street Science. She can't decide whether she wants to host as a facilitator of the topics being discussed or become part of the discussion. It is this inconsistency that prevents the show from flowing.


Is there a phone number or email one could use to explain this to KJLH?


Timebomb - you can go to follow the link to Frontpage... there should be an email address to make the contact.  Dominique suggests that if you have a problem, email her.


As for her being Mulatto, you should care.  No Mulatto, Spanish/Black, Half Black anything can truly represent or discuss me as a BLACK woman.  While I feel Dominique's presence on Frontpage is needed, I don't feel she should be carrying this show.  Even her prayer is "unfelt," I change the station when she brings it on.  A White woman cannot lead me any where.  Before I go to work, I need to feel something, some soul.


It's just as bad when Front Page ends for the morning, they play music with sexual tones/words.  It's ridiculous.  Here this is a Black radio station and they can't find any positive or conscious music to play.  Play a Stevie Wonder song if you don't know what to play.  I am glad they do start the show with Dick Gregory who trails behind Gospel.  They seem to forget we just came from listening to some serious messages, some which will make you just say forget life.  It's important whatever they are ending the show with that it can uplift us and send their listeners on their way with a positive outlook on life, hope.


Here we are always talking Black this or Black that.  Front Page does not have a Black person hosting the show.  What I mean by Black, I mean someone whose mother and father are Black.  Someone who can walk in my shoes w/out stumbling over her words.  Dominique is a White Italian.  She looks more Italian than Black.  period!


I remember when Front Page use to be big on talking about interracial dating.  There was always a large number of women/men who called in about this very topic.  Now 2005, we have a product of interracial relationship hosting Front Page.  Yea, we lost it.  This is exactly what Claude Anderson speaks about.  We take care of everyone else except our Blackselves.  It's ridiculous.  The Beat radio station is about unity.... it's not about Black people altho it's "suppose" to be owned by a "Black" woman, yea rit.  Show me a Hispanic radio station that hires Black people?  Black people always helping someone else except our Blackselves.  We talk a good talk but who are we sleeping with?


As for Front Page, I am on the edge of stop listening to it.  I had serious problems with the so-homophobic Carl Nelson with his very soft looking self.  I love that Dominique is for women rights and understand the importance that heterosexual Black people need to get past the homosexual bashing/hate.  She understands that all people should be treated equally regardless of their differences.


I guess at some point I need to get pass my issues too but right now, it's not happening.  I am about Black people and those that want to help us, great.


I understand that Dominique's father was an activist.  Funny, a Black male activist having mulatto children.  I just don't get it.  They speak one thing out of their mouths but interact something different.  Something I don't get about brothas.  Confused.  Lynched.

Lost in Carson
I finally got a reply about what happened to Carl Nelson. The vague response was that "he now lives in Florida and has his own radio station". So, I guess that means that he is not coming back and Greg J.'s whereabouts can also be put into the "gone" category.

I will always be grateful for the time that I did have with the program for the last few years. I miss the edginess/thought provoking exchanges (albeit strange at times) between the callers and the guests. It truly saddens me. =o( This program so helped me to start off my day with a "bang". My gosh, it was through Front Page that I found this website.

The program has definitely become quite soft and very predictable...typical mainstream media outlet.

Radio "Free"??

Radio Free = The BEATLA = Help others except Black people because everyone is too afraid to say they are about Black people.... its about unity except if you are Hispanic, White, Jewish......etc. etc.


As I have said before, I was not crazy about Carl Nelson, but at least he was a Black man representing a Black owned radio station.  I thought I read somewhere that the Frontpage program belonged to Carl Nelson.  There is a station in Florida which has the old format of KJLH.  It's very political.  I enjoy listening to this station online while I am work.  I found this station while using


It was obvious Carl was making his transition.


I do not understand how they can have someone who is mulatto hosting a program which is suppose to be geared towards the Black community, especially someone that is so aggressive and controlling.  Dominique made me sick on the Beat and I would never listen to that station and right now, I am walking of the edge of not listening to the Frontpage because of her existence.  I guess KJLH could not find a well-read Black woman or man to host.


I need to be fed in the a.m. before I go to work and deal with people I work under.  FrontPage was my push for the morning.  Dominique does nothing to sooth or educate ME.  She is well-read on lots of issues but I need that Black woman/man soul.  I cannot listen to her when she tries to send this positive message at the end of the show.  It would be like me going to church and there is a White man trying to preach to me..... I really cannot feel this.


Bottom line, I need someone who looks like me with more soul to deliver any messages.


While I have a problem with how the show is delivered, I disagree with the reasoning behind it. Her being mulatto is not an issue with me. It's not as if she had control of who parented her. My issue speaks to her not being well read. Hearing her struggle through issues makes it extremely hard to listen to the program sometimes.


Frankly, I question the standards, scholarship, and intelligence of anyone who believes Dominique is intelligent. All one has to do is listen to her input to figure out she has ery little clue on most issues. 

Lost in carson
Kudos Timebomb on your analysis. I totally agree with you. I will try and find Carl Nelson's program on-line and try and keep myself tuned in.

I hope everyone has a wonderful upcoming Holiday Season and a Blessed and Prosperous New Year.
Ready For The Revolution

      The Front Page according to Sista Carmen who talked to Steve Wonder as well as discussion I have had with upper management at KJLH has been denied a expanded broadcast signal (larger area of transmission ) by Michael Powell head of the FCC and the son of General Uncle Tom Colin Powell because of the Front Page's progressive and at times Revolutionary programming. . The Bush adminstration is putting pressure via the Federal Communication Commission to dummy down all progressive radio.

    Since KJLH is a profit making corporation the Owner "Steve Wonder" to increase its market value decided to "fire" Jamal and later to move on Carl et al. Carl  was a part owner of Radio  Mystic in Florida  and was broadcasting to LA from Florida for at least 6 years. Greg had other station responsibilities but was complimenting the new team. Efforts by KJLH to bring on other new host eg Samad for instance were rejected by the community. The passage of Homeland Security -Patriot Act etc furthers makes African businessmen paranoid of any kind of progressive programming that is beyond the non-profit reform type of program that  characterized Domique at KBET.

      Remember the Front Page had a range of speakers from the Revolutionary Pan Africanist to liberal progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Domique  is not the shot caller.She is doing her job which is well honed from her program at KBET called Street Science. She has very good contacts with LA based comminity non-profits organization which is good. But the National,International and Revolutionary African struggles, scholars, scientist, etc is not her expertise or experience. Hence the present programming direction which is being guided by the top management and ownership.

     The Friends of the Front Page Family Organization a collective of 13 organiztaions was the only organization that came into being solely  to support the Jamal-Carl team or we like to say the Malcom X to the MLKing broad perspective raised this ensuing crisis years ago. Our position was that we need to protect the Front Page from the Bush Adminstration et al by rallying organized support. When KJLH refuse to even meet with us when they fired Jamal we organized a series of protest which didnot get much community support. People were fearful of being "banned from calling in". We have a lot of people who are call in "junkies". But we maintain our stance and demonstrated for 7 months. We predicted that the firing of Jamal was only the beginning. We were right.

    Many people argued to us that KJLH is Steve' Wonders business and that no one should tell any businessman how to run his business. The same people are now mad because there is no "open phone friday " to promote their events or that they are no longer invited guest to advance their cause, or they cannot hear the broad spectrum of political, economic, cultural and spiritual perspective that characterized the Jamal -Carl team.

   The central question that must be asked not just for KJLH but for a number or organization eg. Recyling Black Dollars that cut a financial deal to support Wal Mart in Inglewood that would have destroyed Black Businesses etc is what is the responsibility of Black business to the community in general and the movement in particular ? Is there any defined responsibility ? Do we as the African commiunity use our buying power to support progressive African business and not support those business who don't work on our community behalf. 

   Even in its present format the Front Page provides more information for African people than any other radio station for that 4:30 to 6:00 am time slot. Clearly our target should be European control-influences over our culture and KJLH is just another example of a powerless people who won't have the critical content until we have a Ideology of our own ,a land of our own , and socio-economic system of our own based on a unified organization of 1 billion African people world wide. No peace no justice.