Mr. Unite Us

Secure the border and punish those that knowingly hire illegals.


Sue companies that exploit the cheap leader.




Mr. Unite Us

Senate Hearings on CSPAN 2 CH. 70 in Los Angeles.


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Mr. Unite Us


Kennedy on immigration right now. 


As a Black man, I am offended with what has or hasn't been done about this problem that has existed for more than 25 years. Now, after 25 years of neglect, we are suggesting solutions that are going to do nothing but socially, economically, and politically injure every other ethnic group except Latinos.


Illegal immigration, in large part, is why our schools and hospitals stay overcrowded and poorly serve our community; it's the reason why blue collar wages stay flat, and the reason why many African Americans can no longer find employment in the many areas of construction and other trades.


My grandmother worked as a housekeeper for the Century Plaza Hotel for 28 years before she retired in 1988. Because illegal immigrants now hold these positions, the wages haven't kept up with inflation. If my grandmother were of working age today, she would've have never been able to afford to work there. My grandfather used to pick Bing cherries back in the 40's and 50's. Do you think he would be able to support a family with what they pay those workers today? Although these are extreme cases, many African American men and women now face this dilemma.


Young men who learned carpentry, framing, and roofing are now replaced by illegal immigrant day workers. Electricians and contractors, who used to win bids on certain jobs, now lose business because they are underbid (if that's a word) by contractors who hire illegal immigrants and keep their costs low.


I remember hearing a report that Vicente Fox said that illegal immigrants have a strong work ethic and did work that "even Blacks wouldn't do". While many of our Black leaders expressed outrage, they did so for the wrong reasons. Today, 30% of all construction man hours are performed by illegal immigrants. The fastest growing occupation among illegal immigrants is plumbing. Workers for electrician contractors are growingly becoming occupied by illegal immigrants. Landscapers and tree trimmers are also a favorite among illegal immigrants.


I could remember, as recently as 10 years ago, how we used to claim that there was good money in becoming a plumber, electrician, construction worker, and landscaper. However, these jobs are increasingly becoming a non-option for us.


I remember reading how newly free slaves enjoyed a period of making great livings from the trades they used to perform while they were slaves. They did such great work as slaves, that many business owners continued using them because they did great work at a great price. The Davis-Bacon Act required a certain prevailing wage for certain occupations. As a result, those Black workers were displaced and we never really fully recovered, economically, from that piece of legislation.


A few generations later, many of us are being displaced again, this time by the same types of white men that displaced us in the past. The new law they are enacting this time (immigration reform) will have the same, damaging result.

Mr. Unite Us



That is so true. So what do we do?


One suggestion I have is to secure the border. Stop the flow.


Another suggestion. Submit what you wrote to newspapers.

Its worthy of publishing.




It always comes down to solutions, doesn't it?


It seems to me the smartest way to go about this is to, first, give the States the power to enforce illegal immigration as they see fit and require the federal government to fund the enforcement that the States carry out. Because illegal immigration hurts individual States the most, they should have the most say in what happens to arrested immigrants.


Second, States should also be granted power to levy huge fines and threat of imprisonment to business owners who don't confirm the legal working status of their employees or private contractors. This would put a huge impetus on companies to hire those workers who are legally authorized to work in the U.S.


Somehow, Unite, I don't believe you are looking for who gets to enforce illegal immigration, but, instead, what sanctions should be put into play. That said, I'll be happy to oblige you.


A deterrent element needs to be infused into this process. Instead of simply rounding up immigrants and sending them home, there needs to be some of  State incarcerration added to the equation. Although this sounds cruel and expensive on its surface, it may work. If an illegal immigrant were to spend a year or two in a State penitentary with hardened criminals, and then deported after their time is served, that individual would think twice before trying to cross the border again. If the illegal immigrant is caught again, they serve an even longer sentence. I believe this would slow the flow of illegal immigration because now the immigrant now has to weigh the opportunity to find work and free social services against serving time in prison.


I realize that there are an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., and arresting them all is impossible. However, I submit to you that arresting them all isn't necessary. All you would really have to do is arrest between 400-600 thousand, but sentence about 240-360 thousand. That's a little as 2%. If immigrants knew there was a real chance of getting caught along with a real chance of going to a State penitentary. The flow of illegal immigration will be reduced to a trickle.


Lastly, if you deny illegal immigrants (and their children) access to certain social services, it will remove the last incentive to come here illegally. While you can't deny U.S. born children the right to education and healthcare, you can deny them all other services.


I could go on and on, but this post is too long 






We write good.

We talk good.


When do WE protest?

When do WE lock downtown for a day?


When do our Black children protest for better educations?

Remember, we are given an education but we were never promised a good education.


Now, when do we protest?  I want a Nationwide protest.


Unite BLACK people (Heterosexual, Gay/Lesbian, Bi-sexuals and Transgender)


Divided we will fall.  United we stay million strong.


Don't let our differences divide us...we can't afford it.


Mexicans protested regardless of their differences.




I've never been one for marching




why don't you and I get together and protest


Sure, that would make only two people....but that's better than none. If you wanna plan and build a protest....If you really want to build have my email.

Mr. Unite Us

Nappy Girl,


UNITE BLACK people, young and old, married and single, rich and poor, religous and atheist, light skin and dark skin, blue collar and white collar entertainer and engineer, weave and nappy.  




By the way.....about the protesting.....I'm serious! Let's just see how many people in this community want to get involved.

Mr. Unite Us


The priority should be putting up a fence along the southern borders. 


1)Everyone should let politicians know, no fence. no money no votes.


Those that vote for the fence we support, those that don't we won't


2)A March 


Possible choices.

Washington D.C.

Federal Building.

City Hall


3) A Day Without Americans.

We ask all American citizens to stay home.   

We boycott everything for one day.

We shut down the country for one day.







I have something way more comprehensive in mind. Are you in or are you out?


If you're in, forward your contact info and we'll get started.