Mr. Blacks Best Interest
January 6, 2004 9am 500 Temple IN Hall of Administration
a demonstration of demands and solutions to end the abuse of the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Families Services. Often its mostly whites attending such protests and actions. A few black parents have been going to the board and have been seen on TV on Weds. 10pm. Some complain the parents are 'crazy' and 'have personal cases and issues. Some also complain that some of the parents do not properly represent themselves and this is ill for all blacks. LA Times recently wrote of Merritt Holoway who have challenged the Board of Supervisors on the public right to speak on more than one agenda itema by speaking on mulitple items. This challenge have done before and lawsuits filed. The LA Times stated Merritt admitted being upset because of his son being taken by DCFS. Is this reason to be outraged and upset? Maybe act 'crazy'? Troy Andersen of the Daily News have written several articles on DCFS wrongs. On Dec. 6, 2003 he wrote that half the children in Foster Care were wrongly removed from their homes and families and placed. Troy reported most of the children are minoriites, blacks and hispanics according to ICAN. Well, we know where the black children are... and some of the parents... but where are the outraged black masses? Roshal Henry of Compton NAACP, who happens to be a white woman, stated whites wonder why CORE, NAACP and others do not take on the 'fight' to end the criminial misconduct of DCFS. Warren Williams, founder of Blacks Best Interest, reminds us the Grand Jury found DCFS flawed, the State found funds are being wasted and not spent for quality services to meet children and families needs. Its mostly whites getting the contracts and paid to 'protect' our children from us... In the system blacks often lose their children fatally, like Debra Reid, and many untold lives. Programs like LA 90044 and Black Family Project have simply not served the needs of Blacks. With the Governor Office asking for our demands and solutions, and the Federal Dept of Health and Human Services directing us to the Administration of Children and Families to do the same, blacks are needed to share solutions, attend the Jan. 6, 2004 9am Demonstration at 500 Temple, in the Hall of Administration. Press Conference at 9am and Sign up to speak at 9:30am. Plan to spend the day. There may be some agenda items we can speak on to shorten the day. Come to Press Conference and sign up to speak, even if you can't stay, let the Board know you support solutions and demands to end DCFS abuse of our Black Children and Families, as well as others. Please share your solutions write UNITE43LUV@AOL.COM OR directly to the Governor and Administration of Children and Families. Let us know here if you think this is Blacks duty, to speak to end the Abuse of our Children, fathers, mothers, family members and children by the Board of Supervisors approval of funding that's misspent, Social workers lies and fraud, Judges willful and deliberate suppression of evidence and violations of parents and children due process and constitutional rights, panel attorneyand others misrepresentation and failure to perform their duty, and therapists false and wrongful diagnoses and mismedication of our children and others. is this issue important enough for you to come in support? I know you can make a difference and be a big part of our black solutions.