With every turn of a new year, new trends get to reveal. It is already ending of the first half of the year 2019. In the fields of web development, there is no exception as the experts have revealed some of the path-breaking trends for this year to bring significant changes. By opting Website Development services in India, a company will be able to implant different strategies while developing a website. Let's check the list of the different website development trends for the year 2019.

1. Responsive Websites

The idea of responsive website development is nothing new in the market but the demand for such a website is increasing alarmingly. Some years ago, it was a fancy trend among people but the progress of the time has witnessed the importance of a responsive website. Now, the question arises what is the reason for such craze? Needless to mention, the popularity and preference of mobile devices among users. With the responsive development, the website will be able to fit in any sort of device screen regardless of its shape and size of the screen. After this Google has planned to prioritize mobile-first indexing which means that the responsive websites will get a chance to get placed at the top of the website.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

It is still under a rock for some people why they should opt for Website Development services in India? Google has started to take serious steps to ameliorate the mobile device browsing experience as most people browse through mobile phones. The concept of AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages has come in front of the public in 2015 but today it is no more an option but a mandatory step for the development. What is the purpose of the AMP web pages? The AMP web pages are responsible for fast page loading and smooth access. A non-AMP web page takes almost more or less 22 seconds whereas the AMP web page takes only 2 seconds to load a page. To gain better visibility and to rank in a better position, websites need AMP web pages. In short, this strategy is really great for SEO.

3. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Users of this era find better accessibility in mobile phones so PWA or Progressive Web Apps have a better impact on web development. This has the quality of making website browsing experience similar to native applications. Not only the browsing speed, but it also has the functionality like the hardware access, pushes notifications and offline access as mobile devices. According to various research, it is clear that how the mobile devices dominate over other various devices like desktop, laptop, etc. and people find more comfort in the mobile app than mobile browsers so, in order to fill the gap, the Progressive Web Apps have become a mandatory step for website development.

Along with developing a website for the betterment of the company, a website needs to have a logo so that it can convey the brand message easily and people can recognize the brand with the logo. A logo needs to be simple, textual if needs be but it has to be intriguing so it can catch the attention of the people. In order to have a logo with mentioned qualities, the company must opt for the Logo design services in India.