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I agree TimeBomb.. I think that KJLH lost a lot of people(listeners) when they started doing all these UN-necessary changes. Don't fix what is not broken, is what I say.  They got rid of Carl Nelson and replaced him with Dominique? Bad move. They destroyed the hometeam and only left Cliff & Adai? Cliff is OLD & BORING. Adai is horrible and has no clue about life or relationships she needs to take herself back to mayberry where she came from.. This station has no hope it's sorry.

Fige Bornu
Al the credit and blame has to go to Stevie Wonder. Stevie Wonder, a person whose only contribution to the revoluntary liberation of Africans was begging Ronald Reagan for a King holiday. King, by the way, would not have appreciated all of this energy on a holiday but would have instead wanted this energy to go toward justice and freedom.

Fige Bornu, Chairman
Positive Black Image Institute
peggy pledger

I always thought that I was the only person that thought about "Front Page" and "Cliff and the Gang" in a not positive way.  I have had those same feelings that I just read about on the message board for a long time.  I only listen to Front Page every once in awhile and I dislike Dominique intensely and I have tried not to feel this way.

I believe that we need a station like KJLH and that things need to be adjusted, but how to do it, I do not know.  I do know that I miss the "old KJLH" very much.


Hey Peggy Pledger..


There is nothing that we could do but just see that station loose to major competitors.  They're very happy with the changes that they have done and feel that they will win!!  I don't understand how and why they would feel that way, when they haven't done anything!!  All the changes that they have done have been BAD moves that have coasted them a lot of listeners and money.  Let's face it, KJLH needs a total make over starting from Front Page to the Hometeam!! How can you replace Carl Nelson with Dominique? How can you fire L.Nino,Mark Keene,and move Janine to a different show?  Let's face it, look at there DJ's.....There OLD!!! Not only are they OLD, but there humor is as old as them or older... So I say screw KJLH and there old ass sorry asses!!


As for Carl Nelson, he was a whimp.  He could not control the callers and often allowed a lot of gay-bashing and men who were disresepectful to women.


To replace Carl with Dominique, a joke of course.  While I applaude Dominique for being such an open activitist for all people, KJLH is not about all people, it's about Black people.  Dominique welcomes everyone just like they did on The Beat.  Dominique should have been raised by a Black woman then she would know how to address those that phone in and maybe I can stand to listen to her.  She came from the womb of a White woman and obvious she was raised by one...therefore when I hear her speak I dont hear ME, a Black woman.  I dont care who her hypocrit father is.


Dominique as a half-White woman cannot speak for me, but as a woman who understands that we cannot discriminate, bash, damage or bring harm to another person, she has my applause.


Dominique is not for Frontpage, but she does bring something to the table.  Never should she had been given Frontpage.  She is not Oprah and will never be.  Oprah is real regardless of her audience.  She knows where she came from.


As for listening to Frontpage, it has been approx. 2 months since I have listened and I dont miss it.  I figured if the heat is too hot, stay out of the kitchen. 


I have learned that public figures can be fake and more often these people have their personal agendas, I try not to get too involved with the b.s.

Looks like Stevie Wonder is the new Home Team DJ!!!!

Mr. Unite Us

Carl and Cliff were fine by me.


Listeners will determine if the changes were the right move.

Not sure of the details behind their departures.


Carl understood that the frontpage is an audience driven show,

he gave the guest and callers plenty of time to express their



Cliff gave me my first 1-800 UNITE US interview when he was

at 92.3 the beat.


I wish both men well.







Well, Cliff is gone.  Looks like The Beat is picking him up.  I guess it's time for a change.  I tend to follow those I enjoy regardless of the station.