In the myriad of various devices being used these days, it becomes among the top priority to avail the Responsive Web design services in India as the deficiency of important component often becomes a serious reason for the loss. Then why responsive web design? The responsive web design has the potentiality to instantly adapt to a device which the web is viewed on, as it makes the accessibility easier for the users to experiences because of the seamless and uncompromising features of the web quality. But why this instigation comes among the designers and developers to create something which adapts easily to any screen? The following points elucidate the benefits of having a responsive web design:

Responsive Designs Stays at the Top Of Priority List of Google

Eminent search engines like Google, Yahoo always prefer the responsive sites so when it comes to putting the website in the SERP, the responsive websites get its place on the top by the search engine. It is clear by the ranking algorithm of Google that mobile-friendliness is a key element to rank among the first top list. After this release of Google ranking algorithm, the demand for responsive web design is boundless. The Web Development service provider in India also starts to develop its web with responsive characteristics. The responsive websites are not only beneficial for desktop users only as it has an equal share of benefit for mobile users as well. This is the prime reason for the search engines like Google to prioritize responsive over non-responsive sites.

Remember: Mobile Users Are Impatient

According to a study of Kissmetrics, nearly 73% of the mobile device users discard sites if it takes “too long” to load. Now the amount of that time is hardly 6-10 seconds because 30% of the users do not last more than this time and only 16% of users wait till 5 seconds. It is not the problem of the users as they are accustomed to speed. The users will not wait rather leave the website for some other websites so it is important to make the web design responsive.

Mobile Devices Are Reigning

Hopefully, standing on the 21st century, it does not surprise you that more than half of the population browses through their handsets like mobile device or tablets. Then, this portable WI-FI makes it easier to use mobile devices more conveniently so the mobile device users prefer to access their mobiles for the web. Additionally, the palmtops are cheaper than the desktops so the popularity of Responsive Web design services in India is increasing more than anything in this market. No matter what a visitor is using for accessing the site, it is the responsibility of the website owner to provide seamless navigation and other functionality.

Responsive Design is Good For Better UX

It is essential to keep in the mind during web designing that a responsive website has the potential to provide soothing and high user experience for every sort of device users. The device of the user does not matter as your website needs to provide a smooth user experience. With the mobile-friendly websites, the uses do not need to pinch the screen to make it fit for the device screen. So it is now high time to boost the strategies with the Responsive Web design services in India.