While this is all believable and admirable, when are we going to start doing this for ourselves?
As I have asked before on this Blog, where are all the "Black" Police officers that see our people brutalized or murdered?

The only time we hear from the Black Police Officer, is when he is rejected from his white brethren.

When will the white hero cease to be the determining factor in the justice system for Black people?

I have an idea!
Why don't we (Black people) boycott any support for those Black officers that cry racism in departments where other Black suspects are brutalized or murdered?



Yes! We have been down this road before, but you seem to have developed car trouble and are unable to get off of the road.

When "ANY" police officer see's brutality against a civilian and doesn't report it, does that mean it didn't happen?
When a female rape victim cannot give all the details of an assailant, does that mean she wasn't raped?

The above examples are right in line with your weak statement of " give an example"!

I don't have to jump off of a high-rise building to give an example of suicide! Most people understand from simple logic what the end result will be.

Read what Earl Ofari Hutchinson had to say.........

Black cops were no more anxious to come forth to report misconduct by other
officers than white cops out of fear of not being seen as a team player and that protesting abuse will damage their career. Many Black cops are also infected
with the "us versus them" police siege mentality and will commit and then
attempt to cover-up their misconduct or brutal acts.

It would take the ultimate effort of sheer ignorance to think that out of all the police mis-conduct against Black people by white officers, that "No Black Officers Are Present (because we don't see them) At The Time Of The Infraction "!

The point is Mr Unite Us, we need these Black officers to do for us what we cannot, because we are not on the inside.
The catch me if you can mentality that you are indicating here, is what the white boy uses against us.

If we cannot do for ourselves by helping each other, then the present conditions will always prevail. Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different out come is.....INSANITY!



If you think that no Black police officers are aware of brutality where they work for decades, then there is little when can debate further! The show me if you can tactic is a "white supremacist" move.

Lets take a little logic to it!

Were there any Black officers employed in the LAPD when Rodney King was beaten? If so, where was their out cry?????
Or do you think they had to be present at the time of the beating to have a say about it?

You can find Earls article at Black N LA, I believe you know the place....