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Who will responsively act to reverse the alleged theory and current organization holding whites as the rulers and Blacks as people of hope, praying to them to survive and not be willie lynched, imprisoned, unemployed, wronged by DCFS, etc.

Dr. Ronald W. Walters

Saturday, February 28th @ 3 pm

Dr. Ronald W. Walters

White Nationalism, Black Interests
Conservative Public Policy and the Black Community

A challenging thinker, for challenging times

What will be addressed?

EThe Making of White Nationalism

EThe Formation of a Policy Rationale

EThe Assumption of Official Power

ENew Democrat Politics and Policy Convergence

EThe De-regulation of Civil Rights

EThe Attack on the Black Poor

EThe War on Blacks Criminalizing a Race

EAttacking Black Access to Education

EBlack Conservatism: White Interests

EThe Integrity of Black Interests

In this significant new study, the distinguished political scientist Ronald W. Walters argues that the Conservative movement has had an inordinate impact on American governing institutions over the last two decades and that a strong, though very often unstated, racial hostility drives the public policies put forth by Conservative politicians.
Walters traces the emergence of what he calls a new White Nationalism, showing how it fuels the Conservative movement, invades the public discourse, and generates policies that protect the interests of white voters at the expense of Blacks and other Nonwhites. Using historical and contemporary examples of White Nationalist policy, as well as empirical public opinion data, Walters demonstrates the degree to which this ideology exists among white voters and the negative impact of its policies on the Black community.

Walters's analysis of contemporary racial politics is uniquely valuable to scholars and lay readers alike and is sure to spark further public debate.

Ronald William Walters is a Distinguished Leadership Scholar in the Academy of Leadership, Director of the African American Leadership Institute, and Professor of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland College Park.

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